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Small first person punch them all made in a week for the 7 DFPS challenge.

Just punch the big huge ghouls, and try to finish the 10 waves.

You can also taunt them, which is nice.

Update : Ok, I think I'll spend my next weeks spare time improving this game, because I kind of feel I got something that could really work well, given the right improvements. I can also merge part of this game inside my own actual personal game later on, so nothing's wasted.

I'll keep on uploading new versions of this game here, as well as on my website and on the 7DFPS website, if you've got suggestions feel free to contact me!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity

Install instructions

Keyboard \ Mouse :

wasd to move

mouse to aim

left or right click to pull left or right fists

must pull for around half a second to trigger punches

Space + a direction to evade

1 2 3 4 on the keyboard (not the numpad) to make competitive gestures...

GamePad 360 :

Left Stick to move

Right Stick to Aim

LTrigger or RTrigger to punch with analogic sensitivity

A + move to evade

left right up down on the D-Pad to taunt.


PunchThemAll_Windows.zip 42 MB
PunchThemAll_Linux.zip 44 MB
PunchThemAll_Mac.app.zip 43 MB